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Attn: Contractor,

Sequel to the subsequent meeting with the authority of world bank and
the Presidential Adviser on Debt Matters, you are among the Six (6)
Contractors that will receive their fund through our Excess Crude Oil
Account with DEUTCHE BANK Malaysia in Asia through online banking
system which you will open an account with the paying bank to enable
lodged your funds in the account for you to start transferring to your
chosen bank account in your country.

Be informed that I have perfected your Contract File which has met the
conditions of the Federal Government Payment policy, you are Only to
follow the directives of the Paying Bank and receive your fund as is
stated above you are going to open an online account with the first
which you will spend some money to open the account and it belongs to

Upon the receipt of your return mail with the current details of your
bank account and the contract amount you are expecting to be paid
you,I will forward the Swift Instruction to the remittance department
in Deutche Bank Malaysia to contact you and effected your funds
once you open the account with them.

Bank for immediate payment of your fund as agreed by the Board of world bank..

Your Urgent Respond Needed.
Mr.Steve Ton
Deputy Chairman(FCA).

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