[Debian-Islamic-maintainers] Hello From Sweden.

Lena Svensson mflores at omegasystems.cl
Thu Jun 11 22:20:55 BST 2015


Please forgive my words if they offend or trow you off balance in anyway. I consider this an intrusion of privacy and I do not know how you'll react at the receipt of this note but I am writing with earnest prayer that my attention will meet favorably with you. I'm Lena Svensson, and I'm from Malmo Sweden. I'm adventurous and I consider this means of hooking up an adventure.

I write in hopes that we could be friends and I write with the purest of intentions. I've said enough now. Please forgive my words if they offend you in anyway. I'll wait for words back from you.
Kind Regards,


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