[Debian-Islamic-maintainers] I HOPE I CAN TRUST YOU??

peter Devlin office444memo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 13:33:52 BST 2017

Dear Friend

How are you doing today? please pay attention and understand my aim of e-mailing you I decided to write you this message in good faith, believing that you will not betray me.

I hope am not spoiling mood today, I know you will be surprise the way i contacted you since we don't know each other before, but with faith i contacted you because i found your Email as a responsible one therefore i believe you must be a good person, I decided to contact and share with you little about what is happening here in Afghanistan that i don't like.

i believe me and you can use this great opportunity to help the poor hungry children instead of the Afghanistan Taliban's and the government to continue spending so much to Purchase war material to kill the innocent people i am in US military force; currently I am among the soldier in Afghanistan on peace keeping mission, I am serving as Medical/Nurse Corps,, as a member of the Army Medical Corps,We are the first team that move in first any where there is a strike or bomb blast for treatment and rescue of wounded soldiers several times we have discovered treasures like Gold, Diamond, Cash etc, these treasure are discovered after exchanging fire with the Taliban's at their hide out place, these are the treasures the Taliban’s uses to purchase war materials they are using to kill the innocent people while some innocent motherless children continue to suffer in hunger, 

The Largest Navy Warship cost $7 Billion which is enough to elevate hunger. Because of the above reason, I have decided to stop sending any money to government because they are only using it to produce and manufacture dangerous war materials to fight the Taliban's while some innocent children continue crying for food.

After my last birthday celebration, I promised God that i am going to support the poor children, I believe it will be more reasonable to use this money in helping the innocent Children all over the world who are not responsible for this war and crisis in the world today but they continue suffering more pains and i grew up from a poor home and I understand what it means to be poor, every time when i am in silent and in deep thinking about what is going on in the world today and the future of our children after we might passed away, one question always came to my mind that we claim to love our children and care for them but still we give them war as inheritance instead of peace, what will happen to them when we are gone nobody can tell.

I always pray for their future because i love children so much and I am looking for individual who can work together with me in helping the hopeless children, I considered you as the person I can use to reach the needy children around your Location since you have already known my Mind and about humanity, Please I want you to consider the innocent children that are suffering out there and take this obligation of working with me to help the motherless children, I pray that God will touch your heart and use you to help the poor children around you.

I'm writing this email to you based on humanity and I believe together we can work for good by helping the poor children and less privileged with this great opportunity, instead of the ungodly people to continue using it to produce and purchase war materials, I believe that every human being who love the children and care for their future need to join us in bringing peace to the youth by doing good and showing good example of life and there is no risk involve because I am going to use the Red Cross Humanity to cover the Luggage and Deliver it at your doorstep through a reliable delivery company without any problem.

I am going to package the Funds inside a Red Cross medical Luggage and seal it with Red Cross stamp, It will be delivered to you as a Red Cross medical aid to support sick children so that no authority will have right to examine the box, including the delivery Company because i don't want anybody to know the original content of the Luggage, it is going to be only between you and me, I will give you the key number to open the Luggage so it cannot be open without your present

 All i need is your full support to receive the Luggage and your sincerity of distributing it to the Addresses of the poor children/ Less Privileged Children once you receive it, I will also need your full names and house address where you want the Luggage to be delivered and telephone number to enable the delivery company contact you when they arrive in your Country.

I want you to keep our discussion Confidential because of my position in the Military, Please to save my job, honestly I don't want our communication to be disappointed because is my pressure to meets you,i will prefer by Emailing only so that we can fully team up together and help the poor, the less privilege and the innocent children, there is no risk involve in this delivery because i am going to packaged the Funds (US$25.7 Million Dollars) inside a red cross Luggage and seal it as a red cross stamp, it will be delivered at your address as a red cross medical Luggage for sick children. Read it carefully and get back to me with trust and join me to make them Happy.

Thanks and God bless you as i urgently wait for your Response and Details.
Yours Truly

Peter Devlin
peter.devlin2 at aol.com

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