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Sat Sep 16 08:44:11 BST 2017

Your Compensation   

Dear beneficiary this is to inform you that in the course of my investigation as director of payment verification / implementation committee I came across this email address as one of the unpaid fund beneficiary in the record of the central bank of Nigeria and other banks that are suppose to get their funds released to them. 
​ My committee was set up by the payment reconciliation committee to verify and scrutinize all outstanding debts owed to our foreign beneficiaries in accordance to the information received from the United States government and other countries over unpaid huge debts owed to Foreigners. 
>From my investigation I discovered that these bank officials deliberately refused to let the charges be deducted from your principal fund because they want your fund to remain trapped in the bank, while they continue to extort money from beneficiaries under some flimsy excuse. You do not need to pay any money to any official to get your lost money back. 
All you are required to do is swear to an affidavit at the federal high court of Nigeria, authorizing the bank to deduct all charges from the principal fund and transfer the balance of funds after deduction to your bank account. 
If you have spent any money in the past in your quest for payment, kindly let us know so that I can follow this up. You can reach us on phone or this email address (mohammedmohmodo100 at gmail.com ) for directive on how you can get the deduction done as soon as possible and get your payment also. 

Yours sincerely, Mohammed Mahmod. mohammedmohmodo100 at gmail.com
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