[Debian-islamic-maintainers] Dear Vernest Ligeon Allen

e9428172 at singnet.com.sg e9428172 at singnet.com.sg
Sun Sep 9 08:10:06 BST 2018

Dear Vernest Ligeon Allen

After a serious thought i decided to contact you because you was
deceived about your fund, that is why it is impossible for you to
succeed in completing the process after several payments, I will be
very open to tell you that all info you receive so far was all lies
and it is about extorting money from you.

I know that you will be surprise to receive this massage but this is
nothing but the truth, it is a planned work with some of the officials
but the manager is not aware, after all the evil they went to the bank
manager trying to divert the fund, the manager refuse to accept the
idea, the manager said he want to talk to you before he can release
the fund, that is to make sure that you authorize the transfer to a
different account.

I will personally direct you to the appointed paying Bank were you
will be paid instead of wasting your hard earned money and time on
these hoodlums,but before then you must not disclose my info to
anybody because this is top secret.

Barrister peter onyekwe.
Contact E-email (peteronyekwe7374 at gmail.com)

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