[Debian-islamic-maintainers] Happy New Year and God bless you My friend*

Catherine Richard saintpiofan at catholicbinder.com
Sun Jan 13 14:40:23 GMT 2019

Happy New Year My friend, 
How are you today? It is true we do not know each other but please, listen to me very well. I am writing you this mail from a Hospital. My name is Mrs. Catherine Richard. I am a widow and very sick now. I am suffering from Endometrial Cancer which my doctor has confirmed that i will not survive it because of some damages in my system. Now because of the condition of my health i have decided to donate out my late husband fund sum of (US $5,500,000 Dollars) on Charity Purpose through your help if you agree to help me out. I will tell you more about myself and my plans with this money when I hear back from you 
Yours friend 
Mrs. Catherine Richard    

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