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Dear Sir/Ma

   Our names are Sedgekaussi and  Nateey  Kanem, our mother is from united
state of America while our father is from Abidjan Cote D 'Ivoire in West
Africa,Our  parent where living in Mexico and we were born in Mexico,our
mother died when we  were  19/17 yrs and  we are the only children,I and my
brother are the only children of my parents so when I was 19yrs my father
took us to his own country in Africa where he Establish a company since
then we have been with our father till on the 1st of January 2017 when my
father died in a car accident while coming back from a club meeting.

So after the burial of my father his brothers send us away I mean my uncles
and they said that  we are not the children of their brother so they took
all that our father had, houses and his company and they said that in
Africa here that little children do not have any right over their father`s
property so they
drove us away from our fathers house and we can not do anything to them
because we are only 19/17yrs now.

    Then the only thing we have now is the documents that my late father
used to deposit a huge amount of money,he  deposited in the Bank. My father
disclosed this to me and my brother, he told us that he want to use this
money to Establish another company in overseas and he handed over the
documents to us and told us that encase anything happens to him in any way
that I and my brother have to take this document and look for a good
foreigner from oversea, who will help us to transfer the fund to his or her
country and help us to invest the fund, we are willing to offer you 20% of
the investment,

    Since our father's family  drove us away and we have no where to go or
stay so we decided to go to a village where we are contacting you to help
us so that we can be able to come to your country for you to help us
Establish an investment there while we will continue our Education in your
country Please we will reward you if you can assist us on this please,
Please reply !!

Best regards
  from  Sedgekaussi and Nateey Kanem,
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