[Debian-islamic-maintainers] From:Mrs.Aileen Billanes

Mrs.Aileen Billanes f.willjr01 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 15:33:41 GMT 2019

Good Day,

I am Mrs. Aileen Billanes the wife of Mr. Eleaza Billanes from Philippine.
It’s my pleasure writing you this letter. To make it short, my late husband
Mr.Billanes was a leader of bayan Muna Party List Group and a secretary
general of the Samahan ng mga Magsasaka sa Timog Kutabato and one of the
founders of the south Cotabato people’s alliance for Nationalism and
democracy (socpand) here in Philippine.He was attacked and assassinated in
Osmena street on the 09 / 03 / 2009. Ever since then, my children and I
have been facing massive challenges from the family of my late husband over
his wealth. The pressure given to us by them has made us explore our
chances which is why I have decided to contact you.

I do believe you are a honest person For this reason, my children and I are
asking for your help as we urgently intend to leave Philippine.My late
husnabd I have a total sum of ($5.3USD) five million three hundred thousand
Dollars concealed in a box which he managed to deposit in a firm abroad for
the future of my kids. Already my late husband’s family have succeeded
through their intimidations in claiming most of his properties that were
under my control and a huge amount of money belonging to him from his
Philippine account after his death. I’m asking you to please help me secure
the funds from the firm so that the many years labor of my late husband
wouldn’t be in vain. This is because my husband’s family may try to trace
the funds. I’m willing to give you the contact of the security company to
enable you contact them so that the box will be released to you as soon as
we have reached agreement. We will be relocating to your country as soon as
the concealment is under your care.

I have made up my mind to give you 25% of the total money for your help
after you have secured the money for me and my children's future,
willingness and hopefully great assistance.Please endeavor to Contact me
for more details.

Best regards
Mrs. Aileen Billanes.

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