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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) faw at funlabs.org
Tue Jun 24 05:05:19 UTC 2008

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Hey! :)

On 20-06-2008 17:59, Nicolas François wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 12:32:37AM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
>> On 17-06-2008 20:57, Nicolas François wrote:
>>> => you can backup and remove /srv/dl10n-stuff/bin/gen-testing and
>>> /srv/dl10n-stuff/bin/gen-testing.cfg
>>>    I will later move gen-testing2 and gen-testing.cfg2 and update the
>>>    cron job.
>> 	I added permission to the group, you should be
>> able to backup and remove them, that will avoid unnecessary
>> downtime. We should add them to the SVN in a branch, just
>> as a reference, I can't think of a better way to backup
>> _and_ document it.
> Done.

	Did you add it as a branch? I couldn't find it.

> I did not backup it (well, I've removed the backup. The scripts only
> differ by the configuration variable at the beginning. now that the
> rollback is done and OK, the config file is not really useful.


>>> I would like to inform the user language teams since the results are not
>>> exactly the same.
>> 	Yes, at least the ones using our infra-structure.
> Done.

	Some teams are interested in use our infrastructure for a
long time, the mail-to-robot feature is missing and I think we
would be able to address that (probably in the next Extremadura
meeting), having a mbox for the robot, something like:

		mail-list at i18n.debian.net

	And it could take commands, of course, we are going to
need some SPAM protection and a white list to allow some people
to command the robot, but I think it can work.

>>> Some DONE mails will have to be sent for old files or I can automatically
>>> close the threads older than 3 years.
>> 	Why? Can't we hack it to check the BTS and close
>> what's pending?
> The problem is the messages whose status did not change after a TAF, ITT,
> RFR, or LCFC.
> Some old messages (2002-2006) went unnoticed, probably because the previous
> database was build starting from 2006.

	Ah, OK. Nice that we revive all the stuff, but as I saw
in your message, we should abide to the language team decision
regarding the threshold.

>>> You can have a look on
>>> http://i18n.debian.net/~nekral/www-debian-l10n/portuguese/pt.by_date.html
>> 	It seems very consistent for Portuguese, BTW, would
>> be possible to use pt_BR to avoid confusion with our fellow
>> Portuguese (but not Brazilian Portuguese) translators and
>> also allow them to use the robots?
> I changed to use pt_BR internally, and portuguese_BRAZIL on the web page.
> Mixing pt and pt_BR is not really possible currently. It might also be
> quite difficult to follow for you.

	Sorry, I think I wasn't clear.

	debian-l10n-portuguese is mainly used by pt_BR and we
don't share the list for a long time now. I just want to allow
Portuguese team to use the pt code. So, debian-l10n-portuguese
will use 'br' or 'pt-br', it is just a code change. We should
move the lists around to make some space for the European
Portuguese team inside the Debian infrastructure, it is a long
standing issue but I couldn't work to finish/move it.

>>> I was able to recreate the full database in a few hours, and I would
>>> propose to stick with backups and a way to restore the database rather
>>> than storing the database on a repository.
>> 	rsnapshot can do incremental snapshot, saving
>> space and providing multiple return points. I will
>> setup it.
> That's still needed.

	It is now configure. It uses rsnapshot, providing 12
hourly return points (every two hours), and also one for every
day of the week, one for every week of the month and one for
every month, pretty much like grandfather-father-son strategy.


	We are backing up /home, /srv, /etc, /root and
/var/www/ddtp, let me know if we should add any other

	Right now it is generating the first base point so I
can schedule it for automatic backups between 1-3 in the
morning for the longer cycles.

>>> The databases can be re-created from scratch with
>>> /srv/dl10n-stuff/bin/spiderinit
>> 	That's great.
> Based on the mail I sent to translation team, this script might change to
> fix the start dates.

	I think we should just revert the mail list name
change regarding the code used. :)

Kind regards,
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