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Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Mar 26 17:08:18 UTC 2008

Nicolas, any chance we get this on churro?

You're probably are working on a package for unstable, but backporting
it to etch and have it on churro would definitely be great.

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Hi list

New versions of the Translate toolkit and of Pootle were released today.
The announcement for the toolkit is in a separate mail on the
translate-devel list (and the translate-announce list).

Pootle and the translate toolkit are the leading Free tools for online
localisation management and translation.

This is a major new release. Version 1.1.1 or later of the Translate
Toolkit is needed for Pootle 1.1. Important changes for upgrading from
earlier versions are documented on
the wiki at

Changes include:

 * A new look. There has been some slight restyling of Pootle, and we
hope to address some CSS and HTML with the guys from GNU/Linux Matters
that should make customisation easier.

 * Highlighting of XML markup on the translate page

 * More use of translated language names throughout the interface.
Perhaps you want to have a look at the translation of the iso-codes
package for your language if things are not very complete there.

 * The use of proper list separators for languages like Arabic and Asian
languages that don't use the standard ", " between lists of things.

 * Users that only have suggest rights can now upload files too

 * Some performance fixes, although lots of work still remain
(especially with file upload in "merge" mode)

There are several enhancements in the Translate Toolkit since version
1.0 which will benefit Pootle users, such as improved quality checks,
more version control systems, Unicode normalisation on searching, and
better generation of .mo files.

Pootle ships with interface translations for more than 40 languages.
Please continue to update the incomplete Pootle translations for your
language and to review suggestions perhaps left by other people.

The release files are available for download at

Dependencies to run Pootle 1.1.*:
 * Python (version 2.4 is the best tested version)
 * The Translate toolkit version 1.0 or later
 * jToolkit 0.7.8 or later (http://translate.sourceforge.net/snapshots/
 * kid 0.9 or later (http://kid.lesscode.org/)
 * elementtree, unless you use Python 2.5
 * python-Levenshtein is optional, but helps to speed up updating from
templates (http://trific.ath.cx/resources/python/levenshtein/)
 * iso-codes is optional but provides translated language names.
 * PyLucene is optional, but helps to speed up searching. It has been
confirmed that Lucene searches can have slightly different results.
Lucene also allows for a special query syntax. I recommend that people
test this for their purposes to determine if they want to install
PyLucene. Note that current the Translate Toolkit might not support
PyLucene 2.3 yet.

The 1.1 release series will probably soon be maintained in a
branch, but is currently available in SVN trunk

The live documentation is available on the wiki at

Please report bugs at http://bugs.locamotion.org

Check out the new SourceForge.net Marketplace.
It's the best place to buy or sell services for
just about anything Open Source.
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