[Debian-l10n-devel] Removing long descriptions / english from Packages files

Michael Bramer grisu at deb-support.de
Thu Aug 13 07:55:58 UTC 2009

Joerg Jaspert schrieb:
> Heyho everyone,


> Lets start with l10n: I assume you do get new descriptions and updated
> ones (english) from our Packages files? In that case there wouldn't be
> the input for you anymore, so you couldn't provide us an english
> "Translation". My current plan would be that the archive will provide
> the english translation file, so you can grab that and do with it
> whatever you do today with Packages.
> If that does work for you, it will mean in the i18n tree *we* will
> provide Translation-en.bz2, you fetch that, you get that back to us in
> the normal way. Or somehow like this.

This will work for us.

> *I* think missing long descs right in the middle of a dist-upgrade is of
> small enough impact, especially as we want people to update apt and
> friends first in a seperate step anyways and can be dealt with with a
> proper paragraph in the release notes, and its not bad enough for us to
> have a legacy file around for a year.


>  - Modify the l10n side (and here its partly guess-work from me what
>    needs to happen) to use the new file for the english descriptions as
>    input, and adapt the sync process l10n<->ftpmaster. Also who of you
>    is/will be behind this?

yes... Send a mail, if we have the first Translation-en file...


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