[Debian-l10n-devel] on the size of ftp..dists..i18n

Michael Bramer grisu at deb-support.de
Fri Mar 13 19:48:16 UTC 2009

Nicolas François schrieb:
> On Tue, Feb 03, 2009 at 11:12:28PM +0000, Michael Bramer wrote:
>>> If you could get rid of the gzip and uncompressed version (and if the
>>> above example is representative) you could cut down the change by
>>> over 80% to a meager 16% of what you use now.
>>> Is that an option?
>> We can remove the other files, or use apt, aptitute, some random util
>> the other files?
> Sorry Michael, I did not really get your answer.
> Do you mean we can safely remove these files because apt and aptitute will
> just be happy is there are only the .bz2 files?
> (apt* and packages.debian.org are also the only tools I know which use the
> translations, and these tools are OK if there is only a bz2 file; I also
> do not expect any breakage (other than a translation not being displayed))
> To complete the removal of the non compressed and .gz files, we need to
> update the ddtp_i18n_check.sh script we provided to ftpmasters during
> Debconf.
> (We should also update our version)
> It ends with:
>                 bzip2 -c "$f" > "$f.bz2"
>                 gzip  -c "$f" > "$f.gz"
> and this should be sufficient:
>                 bzip2 "$f"

Can you make this changes?


Michael Bramer

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