[Debian-l10n-devel] Translations cleanup

Martin Bagge / brother brother at bsnet.se
Wed Jun 9 08:18:58 UTC 2010

On 2010-06-09 10:02, Arne Goetje wrote:
> How we deal with this on a case by case basis would need to be
> discussed. E.g. we could expect the fr.po file to mainly include strings
> from fr_FR, however if a software originates in Canada, translators
> might have used fr_CA terms which might not be appropriate in France. In
> that case it might make sense to put the fr_CA strings into fr.po and
> use a fr_FR diff for those strings which would be used different in
> France. Or, we modify those strings, so that fr.po is always equal to
> fr_FR and put the diffs into fr_CA.

I might have looked past some nuance here.
If we place fr_FR in fr.po in some cases and have fr_CA.po as diffs to 
that and in some other cases we have fr_CA in fr.po and fr_FR.po as diff 
to that I think we might have a messy situation on our future hands.

For most languages I would guess that there won't be much of a problem 
to determine to use one "version" as the top level (fr_FR as fr and then 
diffs (fr_CA?) where needed).

 > This would need to be discussed and we should establish a common
 > policy for this.

It would probably need some updated translation tools to work with the 
diff situation.


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