[Debian-l10n-devel] using the l10n bot for pt (non BR) l10n

Christian PERRIER christian at perrier.eu.org
Mon Oct 11 04:33:06 UTC 2010

Quoting Rui Pedro (ruipb at debianpt.org):

(from a discussion about a possible use of the spider on the
Portuguese l10n list: traduz at debianpt.org)

> All updated po's are being submitted as a BR.
> Thanks for the po's hunting.
> I'm trying to have some time to talk with Miguel about the 'bot' in
> the mailing list. :)

Well, there's a limitaiton I discovered this week-end. The bot's code
assumes that the list is hosted on lists.debian.org, this is hardcoded
in the code (HTML.pm, IIRC). So, even if your list is using mailman,
having the bot's spider to process the list data is not that easy
unless someone fixes the code to allow specifying an alternate list

CC'ing other l10n developers...and Miguel.

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