[Debian-l10n-devel] DDTSS screenshots

Martin Eberhard Schauer Martin.E.Schauer at gmx.de
Thu Aug 25 18:55:51 UTC 2011

Dear Michael,

thank you for providing the insight.
> Now we have 766 milestones (all tags, all task, all distributions, all
> changes descriptions, all description with one missing part, ...)
> This milstones are rebuilded on a daily base.
> And each lang coordinator can put together his own list of
> descriptions / packages for his language.
> Also each user can have an own list.
This should be explained  somewhere.

After having a closer look at the screenshots, here are my remarks.

* The old system had the navigation part at the bottom.  I would like the
    DDTSS to be at the top.at thnavigation/help panel on top


* Bubulle won't like the french configuration, even when we just see
    an engineering sample ;-)
* Perhaps number of reviewers according to team manpower?
   (as long as there is no coordinator)


* Which are the criteria to become a trusted user?


* Perhaps the graph could be placed beneath the milestones.
* I would like an option to hide the general information (Project and
   and Team Messages) at some time during the session after the
   beginning of the session.
* I did not find the pending reviews section.
* I wonder what's the algorithm for feeding translations to the pending
* Fetch specific description seems to be work in progress?
    - How can one choose a description (by name, by milestone, full text
      search in description text?)


* The current system uses messages for conversation beyond the
    description-related topics. Hopefully they are not lost?
* The setup of user milestones has to be documented somewhere.
* I would like new comments for translations to be indicated close
   the descriptions, just like the milestone. And perhaps the number of
   days without visit/comment.


* I don't understand what part:1-xx means.
* A milestone could also be "highest popcon for squeeze", "cross-release 
   highest popcon" (new translation would affect up to four releases)?


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