[Debian-l10n-devel] DDTSS quirks...

Martin Eberhard Schauer Martin.E.Schauer at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 08:00:04 UTC 2011

Hi Bubulle,

first of all: Don't worry, be happy! (It could be worse). And
wait a little bit - DDTSS 2.0 seems to be close to release.
> I'm using the DDTP stats page
> (http://ddtp.debian.net/stats/stats-sid.html) to decide about which
> packages to translate to French in the DDTSS.
More serious:

As already stated somewhere else (this list or l10n-devel) I did some
scripting based on "The Italian Script" by Davide and recent
popcon-by-vote data to generate several lists for my personal use.
I think that it's little effort to adapt the scripts to take a language
as parameter and generate lists for other languages as well.
If there is interest in the scripts, I could translate the comments
and publish them.

However, I'm afraid that they will soon be obsolete as the new
system offers gazillions of options
> I actually use the packages suggested when moving the mouse over the
> "PopconRank" cell for French. Right now, these packages are:
> libevent-1.4-2, libdbd-mysql-perl, lvm2, gedit-plugins,
> default-jre-headless, yelp, libxcb-dri2-0, default-jre, libgsm1,
> libv4l-0, libsox-fmt-alsa, libwavpack1, libgsf-1-114,
> libcanberra-gtk3-0, libsm-dev, mono-gac
> (this will change after the next bi-daily run on ddt* scripts on churro)
> Strangely, some of these cannot be fetched by DDTSS: for instance
> gedit-plugins, default-jre, etc. while others are fine (I just loaded
> libsm-dev this morning for instance). These packages that can't be
> fetched are "sitting" here for weeks and slowly, they are filling in
> that suggestion list.
> So, I suspect a glitch somewhere in the code but I don't know which one.
I think it has something to do with new package versions. When
a new package version is uploaded, it seems that for some time
it appears in your stats page - even when there are no description
changes. (Maybe that they weren't biuld yet).

If you can't fetch descriptions it may also be a matter of time -
sometimes you just have to wait for some hours. But that's surely
not the point. The system grabs descriptions for sid - perhaps the
description is not part of sid. However, there is  workaround.

You can get your descriptions starting at

Lets take a2jmidid as an example. Follow the link.


Download your version:

sed -i 's/Description-fr/Description-fr.UTF-8/' $your_file_name

Translate, use the mail interface and try to pull it in for review.

Perhaps "pull in for review" might not work.
> PS: as side comment, I really would like to see lib* and *-dev
> packages be given less weight. Of course, they have a high popcon
> score, but that's expected for library packages....while end users
> don't often really care about these.
Should be quite easy to acomplish - changing weight for some
criteria in names ending with -dev. Martijn?

Might shuffle cards in the stats competition.


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