[Debian-l10n-devel] DDTP and i18n related services - perhaps OT

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) faw at funlabs.org
Sat Jun 16 15:59:18 UTC 2012

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On 16-06-2012 13:49, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
> Perhaps you can solve a problem that is personally annoying me (1):
> existing translations for (stable) package descriptions are not
> displayed when querying packages.debian.org.
> I don't know why. I see one possible reason:
>  - packages.debian.org uses the Translation-xx.bz2 files that
>    are not updated.

There's no code in place to update stable.  In 2008 when we create
the infrastructure to import the translated descriptions into the
archive, "stable updates" were left for a second moment.

For now, DDTP exports testing/unstable translated descriptions and
that's about it.  We do plan on change DDTP quite a bit, but not
for this sprint, our focus is to migrate services to new servers.

> Thus a lot of work does not reach the users: The Italian team
> finished more than 700 package descriptions for Squeeze this
> year! And that's just a side effect as its focus is Squeeze.

I'm sorry to hear that. :-(

Perhaps it was not clear at some point, but we never supported
stable updates for translated descriptions and there is no plan
to support it for wheezy.

There are some variables and aspects that needed to be discussed
with FTP Masters and Release Team to figure out what to do and
how to do it.

> I'm aware that many Debian users which provide popcon data
> use unstable/testing systems. But I believe that the end of
> lifetime for Squeeze will be at about ($now + two years) from
> now. Therefore I'm convinced that providing a new
> Translation-xx file at least for every point-release of (old-)stable
> is a good idea.

It is a good idea, we just took very small baby steps, it was
something really new.  Since 2008 it is working without much
changes, we do want to improve things but we do lace some of
the human power to do so.

> I'm not yet familiar with cron - but the solution is just another
> crontab entry?

No, the solution is not just another crontab entry, actually,
it is pretty far from it. :)

On 16-06-2012 14:03, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
> I'm very sorry for not providing the link:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2012/06/msg00010.html

I see.  Actually, DDTP is really tracking unstable/testing
and not stable, so even if the signatures of the descriptions
match, as I said, we are not updating the stable Translation

Right now, I'd recommend focusing on unstable, the other
possible solution is to get involved with DDTP development
to change how we interact with the archive and discuss the
solution with FTP Team and Release Team.

Kind regards,
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