[Debian-l10n-devel] Moving the target of localization pokes (and eventually NMUs)...

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Mon May 21 13:16:17 UTC 2012

Quoting Christian Perrier (Christian.Perrier at onera.fr):
> Quoting Martin Eberhard Schauer (Martin.E.Schauer at gmx.de):
> > Hi Christian,
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/cs
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/sv
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/es
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/pt
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/de
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/ru
> > >http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/fr
> >  the pages are dated 05.02. Perhaps some script
> > has hung up?
> Hmmmmm, you may be right..:-(

A package (eliom) was apparently generating an error that was stopping the
localization material update script. The error indeed appeared on May
3rd, I noticed it but didn't know that that wasactually blocking the
data update process..:-(

I just instructed the script to ignore that package.

I'm afraid that we'll "discover" newly introduced debconf templates as
of tomorrow..:-(

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