[Debian-l10n-devel] Bug#714063: Dropped binary package: python-aeidon

Stuart Prescott stuart at debian.org
Tue Oct 8 00:28:14 UTC 2013

Hi KiBi,

Ansgar opened #714063 a while back for us and there was some discussion about 
this bug on the debian-python list at the time.

The choices appear to be limited to:

(a) upload translate-toolkit with support for translating subtitle files 

(b) upload an older version of python-aeidon as a different source package (or 
put an embedded copy in translate-toolkit... yum) and live with the 
duplication of code and what amounts to a python2-only fork of aeidon.

I don't know how widely used the ability to convert to and from subtitle 
formats is so I don't really know the scope of the impact of dropping python-
aeidon support. This is used, for example, in the po2sub/sub2po commands in 
translate-toolkit which then allows subtitle translators to use the normal 
range of po editors (virtaal/pootle/poedit/lokalize/etc). Popcon tells me that 
lots of people have the old python-aeidon installed but that is just because 
they have translate-toolkit installed [0].

Neither (a) nor (b) is a nice choice which is why I've left this fester while  
hoping that an option (c) would occur to me. Translate toolkit's upstream is 
aware of the problem as it will affect them in more places in the long term, 
but they can always just tell people to get the older version of aeidon from 
pipy; I've not yet got a response from them.

Any advice on (a) vs (b) or a possible (c) from the great and the good of d-
release gratefully received.


[0] popcon data

  installed: 2171

  installed: 5359

  installed: 5692

  installed: 100

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