[Debian-l10n-devel] Bug#818093:

Václav Slavík vaclav at slavik.io
Mon Mar 14 07:38:12 UTC 2016

(Upstream here)

I don’t know what the segfault is (you must always install debug symbols, otherwise it’s undecipherable), except that it is apparently in code that is neither from Poedit nor from wxWidgets.

As for the rest, there are some gaping holes in your description: as described, it is technically impossible to happen. That’s not helped by the fact that you never say what you did, only what happened after you did it.

For example, when did you get the redirects? After clicking Sign In button? Or after granting permission for Poedit to access your account? What steps did you do and did not do in the browser?

I’m asking because it’s simply impossible for Poedit to a) show the Open Crowdin Translation or b) show "Updating User Information” *unless you successfully authenticated with Crowdin* — and nowhere in your description do you mention that you did or that you did something.

Let me repeat: there’s *no way*, technically, for Poedit to magically start believing you’re signed in if you’re not. You had to do *something* — what was it? Did you by a chance edit config files yourself? Or did Crowdin in-browser authentication actually work, even though the above description makes it sound like you never reached crowdin.com?

I don’t know what "unusable "Open Crowdin Translation" window: it's impossible to type any text in it.” means either: there’s nothing where any typing of text could be done in that window! That’s not “unusable”, that’s because it doesn’t have any such controls. If you mean it wasn’t filled with data, that must be the same thing as the user info “takes forever” — something is blocking communication with the server.

The weird redirects you describe aren’t there — they would be, by necessity, reproducible easily, because they would be on the web, not in the Poedit application, and so no specific to Debian build. 
The info updating taking forever, as well as weird redirects, could however be explained by some weird/misconfigured proxy that you’re behind, which could be messing with things (e.g. redirecting to its own login, blocking some traffic). Is there anything like that? That seems the only plausible explanation to me…


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