[Debian-l10n-devel] Adding DDTSS-related services to l10n.debian.org

Thomas Vincent thomas at vinc-net.fr
Fri Sep 23 21:33:51 UTC 2016


On 23/09/2016 13:35, s3v wrote:
> Hi,
>> I created a repo [1] on Alioth and just pushed to it. As I am a total
>> noob in Python, comments are very welcome. :)
>  my skills in Python are limited but I think that BeautifulSoup could be avoided by
> employing "re" built-in module instead.

Indeed, the html page to parse has a very simple structure. Now there is
no dependency anymore. Good idea!

> Stat pages by letter are very useful and their layout looks great! I hope this
> script will get into l10n project ecosystem ;)

We just need to wait for someone with the appropriate permissions to
"git pull" the project and add a cron job.

> Patch below have been tested only for italian package list.

I ran it on all languages currently listed in the script and it works great.
Your patch has been applied, committed and pushed.

Thank you! :)

(super happy) Thomas

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