[Debian-l10n-devel] Bug#883014: poedit: Problems to use keyboard in Poedit textboxes, with Debian stable and KDE Plasma desktop

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at debian.org
Wed Dec 13 18:40:17 UTC 2017


El 13/12/17 a las 12:35, Andreas Ronnquist escribió:

> Could you please try to check if you have those packages installed, and
> try to remove them, and reproduce the problem after that?

They were installed in the computer having the problem, and not
installed in the computer that was not presenting the issue (both with
Debian 9 and KDE Plasma desktop).

I uninstalled the packages (also uninstalled some more that were
"unneeded" after the removal of ibus and ibus-qt4), and rebooted the
machine, and couldn't reproduce the problem anymore. Good!

> If that is the case I will probably simply reassign the problems to
> ibus / ibus-qt4.

I'm not sure why those packages were installed in my laptop. I was
hoping to find out when removing them (the system telling me that some
certain app that I recognise would be removed too) but I didn't find out
from the list of packages to be removed or unneeded:

removed with apt-get remove --purge:
 ibus* ibus-hangul* ibus-qt4*

removed after that, with apt autoremove:
dconf-cli gir1.2-ibus-1.0 libhangul-data libhangul1 libibus-1.0-5

Now that I restarted I see that in my taskbar appeared an icon about
"Virtual Keyboard" that allowed me to show a virtual keyboard in
multiple languages.

Maybe it's not a bug in ibus/ibus-qt4 per se, maybe trying things I just
installed some group of packages that shouldn't be together.

So I'm not sure if it's good to forward to ibus/ibus-qt4 or better just
close the bug.

Thanks a lot

Laura Arjona Reina

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