[Debian-l10n-devel] salsa migration

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at debian.org
Wed Feb 21 14:37:30 UTC 2018


El 21/02/18 a las 14:46, Stuart Prescott escribió:
> Dear l10n/i18n team,
> I've started the process of moving packages to salsa.debian.org
>     https://salsa.debian.org/l10n-team
> I've tried to add all active DDs to the team. If I've missed you, please 
> accept my apologies and let me know by email or use the "request access" 
> tool in salsa.
> "Guest" accounts for non-DDs need to be recreated on salsa, sorry about 
> that. Martijn and Beatrice, please create a guest account on salsa and then 
> either let me know directly or use the "request access" link.
>     https://signup.salsa.debian.org/
> So far, I've moved packages that I maintain:
>     python-l20n.git
>     translate-toolkit.git
>     virtaal.git
> I enabled the tagpending hook and IRC notifications on these repositories 
> and added them to the AliothRewriter. 
> What remains on alioth are the following:
>     compendia.git
>     ddtp2.git
>     ddtp.git
>     ddtp-puppet.git
>     ddtss-numbers.git
>     debian-l10n.git
>     debian.org.git
>     dl10n.git>     hooks
>     poedit.git
> The ddtp.git and poedit.git repositories are clearly still used while the 
> others have not been touched in periods measured in years.
> Should all of these get moved? Some of them?

debian-l10n.git is documentation; even if it is old, I'd like it to be
accessible after Alioth shuts down.

dl10n.git is still used, to generate the statistics pages in www.debian.org
Related to that repo, I have #890083 open if anybody can help, and #887107 too,
including patch that only needs review/apply :)

About the other repos, I'm sorry, I cannot tell.

Thanks Stuart for working on this!

Laura Arjona Reina

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