[Debian-lego-team] Bug#877297: Bug#877297: libnxt: usb:v03EBp* too inclusive, leads to false positive matches

Nicolas Schodet schodet-reportbug at ni.fr.eu.org
Fri Oct 1 07:51:52 BST 2021

* Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com> [2021-09-30 10:49]:
> [Nicolas Schodet]
> > I think so, could you check you have the same product id on your NXT?
> I guess, but am not quite sure how to check.  Do you have a recipe?

I think there is no need to check, the product ID is included verbatim
in the libnxt code source:

  { 0x03EB, 0x6124 }, /* SAM-BA */

> >> Alternative, perhaps that USB ID should not be listed in the appstream
> >> metainfo file?  I suspect I got the ID from one of the udev entries in
> >> one of the other lego related packages:
> > What are the consequences when several packages use the same
> > identifier?
> The appstream information is used to present package information to
> those that are looking for what to install, typically in graphical
> software helpers.  The only user of the hardware information that I am
> aware of, is the isenkram system I wrote, which will trigger every time
> it see some new hardware inserted into the machine, look up packages
> claiming support for this hardware and pop up a prompt suggesting to
> install these packages.  It can also look up already present hardware
> and identify firmware packages requested by the kernel.
> So if several packages use the same identifier, several packages will be
> proposed to the user.
> > I do not think there will be many SAM-BA in the wild, unless you are
> > working with a SAM91 dev board. What would be the consequence for
> > someone working with such a board?
> The consequence is that isenkram will propose to install lego related
> packages for this bord, which will confuse the user and not really help
> them in any way.

I think your patch is OK, a developer working on a (old) microcontroller
will not be too confused by a prompt to install libnxt in my opinion.


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