[Debian-lego-team] Bug#1015260: Bug#1015260: strace's

Nicolas Schodet nico at ni.fr.eu.org
Fri Jul 22 17:24:08 BST 2022

* Sietse Achterop <s.achterop at rug.nl> [2022-07-22 14:45]:
>  Thanks for the quick response!
> Here the strace of both nqc and firmdl3


Looking at the kernel module source code, legousbtower does not seems to
behave like a tty driver, so it looks normal that the ioctl does not

Looking at the nqc source code, I can see that the USB driver for linux
do not use termcap. I can be wrong because I did not read everything and
I do not know nqc at all.

Are you sure you have set up nqc to connect using USB?


	nqc -Susb -firmware firm0332.lgo


	export RCX_PORT=usb
	nqc -firmware firm0332.lgo


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