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New page for Deb Med sprint 2012

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#pragma description Meeting of Debian and Ubuntu packagers to improve the support for biomedical research in Debian/Ubuntu, engage upstream authors and hack packages.

= Debian Med sprint meeting in Southport =

After the success of the last [[DebianMed/Meeting/Luebeck2011|Debian Med sprint meeting in Lübeck]] we propose to organise a similar event in early 2012.  This page will contain be used to plan the event and record outcomes of the meeting.

== Who will organise it? ==

Tim Booth (tbooth_ceh.ac.uk), the lead NEBC Bio-Linux developer, is taking the lead on organisation, but I'm hoping for a little help...

== Location/Date ==

Assuming a suitable venue can be found, the venue will be Southport, UK.  Travel and venue information will appear on this page.

Date - Some weekend in Jan/Feb. ''TODO: Make poll for dates''

== Attendees ==

''TODO: Once a date is set, add attendees to the table below.''

||No|| Name                 || Email            || Organisation             || Living in       || Arrival at || Departure at ||
|| 1|| Steffen Möller       || <moeller>        || U Lübeck (Debian)        || Lübeck (D)      ||  ||    ||
|| 2|| Andreas Tille        || <tille>          || Debian                   || Wernigerode (D) ||  ||    ||
|| 3|| Tim Booth            || tbooth_ceh.ac.uk || [[http://nebc.nerc.ac.uk/tools/bio-linux|NERC]] (Bio-Linux) || Oxford (UK) ||  ||    ||
|| 4|| Alan Williams        ||                  || U Manchester (Taverna)   || Manchester (UK) ||   ||  ||

== People to invite ==

Other than those who follow the Debian Med packaging list, there are some other Debian people who maintain related packages.  From my (Tim B) personal point of view I'd like to invite some Ubuntu MoTU maintainers - not necessarily ones who just do biomed stuff.  I'd also like to bring in upstream authors of actively developed software.  For eg., EMBOSS was represented by Peter Rice last time.  Qiime is of particular interest. Galaxy and its dependencies warrants a packaging team all to itself.

== Sponsorship ==

Without wanting to taint the non-corporate volunteer nature of Debian, attending these events is expensive.  I'm hoping to get some sponsorship.  I have a couple of ideas but suggestions are welcome.

== Agenda ==

* Interaction of with Ubuntu (MOTU) maintainers
* Interaction with upstream authors
* Review of latest developments
 * Cloud computing progress
 * ...

== Related meetings ==

It's worth noting for those not in the know that there is some symbiosis between this sprint event and the annual [[http://www.open-bio.org/wiki/Codefest_2011|BOSC Codefest]] which is held before the [[http://www.iscb.org/ismbeccb2011|ISMB conference]].  Though the meetings are quite different in focus, they have recently engaged many of the same people and projects.

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