Bug#392219: [Debian-med-packaging] Bug#392219: treeviewx: Printing generates null postscript output

Charles Plessy charles-debian-nospam at plessy.org
Thu Oct 12 15:55:03 UTC 2006

Le Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 07:59:19PM +0100, Roger Leigh a écrit :
> I think this is the case.  I have attached the screenshots of what I
> see when I print on my system.  On my friend's etch system, I do see a
> print dialogue as you describe it.
> I am running a KDE desktop, not GNOME, so perhaps there's some GNOME
> printing magic going on via e.g. libgnomeprintui if
> gnome-settings-daemon is running?

Dear Roger,

I tried under KDE on a fresh system, and I had the same print dialogue
as usual. To be sure that no gnome thing was running, I swiched the
login manager from gdm to kdm, but the print dialogue was still the

So either your computer carries an old library somewhere, or some old
configuration in /etc or $HOME. Can you try to run TreeView X from a
fresh account ?

Have a nice day (and thank you for the permission to use the tree file,
I will add it to the package).

PS: On my computer, TreeView X suffers from display bugs which were
absent at the time I got the package sponsored. If the display works for
you and you can survive with SVG export, I do not recommend to try to
upgrade things just for TreeView X. You may get the print dialogue and
the display bugs together...


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