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(new) melting-gui_4.2g-1_all.deb optional science
Graphical user interface for melting
 This package provide a graphical user interface to the "melting"
(new) melting_4.2g-1.diff.gz optional science
(new) melting_4.2g-1.dsc optional science
(new) melting_4.2g-1_i386.deb optional science
computing the melting temperature of nucleic acid duplex
 This program computes, for a nucleic acid duplex, the enthalpy, the
 entropy and the melting temperature of the helix-coil
 transitions. Three types of hybridisation are possible: DNA/DNA,
 DNA/RNA, and RNA/RNA. The program first computes the hybridisation
 enthalpy and entropy from the elementary parameters of each Crick's
 pair by the nearest-neighbor method. Then the melting temperature is
 computed. The set of thermodynamic parameters can be easely changed,
 for instance following an experimental breakthrough. Melting was
 published in Le Novère N. (2001), Bioinformatics, 17: 1226-1227.
  Homepage: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/~lenov/meltinghome.html
(new) melting_4.2g.orig.tar.gz optional science
Changes: melting (4.2g-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #418691)

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