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(new) proda_1.0-2.diff.gz optional science
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multiple alignment of protein sequences
 ProDA is a system for automated detection and alignment of homologous
 regions in collections of proteins with arbitrary domain architectures.
 Given an input set of unaligned sequences, ProDA identifies all
 homologous regions appearing in one or more sequences, and returns a
 collection of local multiple alignments for these regions.
 ProDA is published in: Phuong T.M., Do C.B., Edgar R.C., and Batzoglou
 S. Multiple alignment of protein sequences with repeats and
 rearrangements. Nucleic Acids Research 2006 34(20), 5932-5942.
  Homepage: http://proda.stanford.edu/
Changes: proda (1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Fixed gcc4.3 warnings

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