[Debian-med-packaging] dialign-t problem on debian

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Mon Dec 17 08:59:26 UTC 2007

Hi Amarendran,

thanks for your interest in Debian.  I'm forewarding your full mail to
the Debian-Med packaging list.  It is really nice that you contacted
Debian with your mail but ftpmaster is probably the wrong place for this
kind of requests.  If you are interested in biological software I would
recommend subsrcibing the Debian-Med mailing list at


This list would be the first choice for the kind of requests you had
in your mail.

The actual packaging work of dialign-t was done by Charles Plessy and
I'm sure he will help you to apply the fixes that are needed (if there
are any).

Kind regards and good luck in finishing your PhD ;-))


On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Amarendran Subramanian wrote:

> Hi,
> as you probably might know i am the author of dialign-t.
> when i monitored some mailing lists i noticed a discussion about problems integrating dialign-t into debian. however i am not a debian or linux specialist (damn scientists that try to write linux compatible software ;-)) i could figure out from the discussion that it might be helpful incorporating some fixes. so if i can be of any assistance please let me know, it'd be no problem for me to issue a dialign-t 0.2.3 that enables the software to be properly included into the debian distribution.
> FYI: a new version of dialign-t (which will be called dialign-tx) will be issued within the first quarter of 2008 (which finally enables me to finish my PhD;-)) - so if there is anything i can consider to make it more compatible with the debian distribution i'd be happy to know.
> regards amar
> Amarendran R. Subramanian
> Universität Tübingen


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