[Debian-med-packaging] Bug#457485: gnumed-client-de: Please upgrade to LibChipcard 4.x

Micha Lenk micha at lenk.info
Sat Dec 22 19:04:45 UTC 2007

Package: gnumed-client-de
Severity: wishlist


I'm the maintainer of libchipcard3, which gnumed-client-de depends on.
Since some time, there are packages of Libchipcard 4.x available in the
archive, which are intended to replace Libchipcard 3.x.  I already asked
ftp-master for removal of libchipcard3 because its build dependencies
aren't satisfyable anymore[1], but discovered now, that gnumed-client-de
depends on it.

1. http://bugs.debian.org/457129

So, it would be very nice if you could switch over to libchipcard4.  As
far as I can see the gnumed-client source package does not build-depend
on libchipcard. Thus I assume you use the command line interface,
provided by libchipcard3-tool only.  AFAIK the command line interface
tool is available in libchipcard-tool too, with different binary name,
though.  So, the switch to libchipcard4 should be fairly easy.

Kind regards

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