[Debian-med-packaging] rnahybrid_2.1-1_i386.changes REJECTED

Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Mon Sep 3 19:08:36 UTC 2007

On 11130 March 1977, Charles Plessy wrote:

>> rejected, your debian/copyright file is incomplete and misses
>> (C)holders/license data. You have to include all such differences. There
>> is mt19937-1.c which is LGPL, not GPL.

> I do not know how many times it happens, but since this kind of error is
> not a legal problem, as LGPL code can be distributed under the GPL
> anyway, I am just wondering if accepting the package and opening a
> serious bug on it could save some time from both sides...

Takes more time for me, as I have to switch elsewhere, write the bug,
switch back, later check if the bug was fixed, ...

Also it would first end up in the "unknown package" section and there
others see it too, taking their time.

Compared to "Lets reject" with something thats about 90% template (or
feels like template, I can write it while Im sleeping :) ) and later
just see its fixed - the reject is faster.

bye Joerg
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