[Debian-med-packaging] Please consider bin-NMUs of certain gfortran-using packages on mips/mipsel

Luk Claes luk at debian.org
Sat May 10 14:31:33 UTC 2008

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Hi Release Team,


> as I mentioned previously [1], a bug in gfortran 4.3 [2,3] caused some
> FORTRAN code using SIN() / COS() functions to be miscompiled on mips and
> mipsel with -O1 or greater.  Thanks to Jakub Jelinek and Matthias Klose,
> this bug should now be fixed in version 4.3.0-4 of Debian's gfortran-4.3
> package.
> The following source packages in "main" were built with gfortran-4.3
> prior to 4.3.0-4 and appear to be affected by the bug.  Could you please
> consider scheduling bin-NMUs of these packages, with a dep-wait on
> gfortran-4.3 4.3.0-4?
> # a bin-NMU is apparently only needed on mips:
> apbs/0.5.1-2


> # a bin-NMU appears to be needed on both mips and mipsel:
> abinit/5.3.4.dfsg-3
> atlas/3.6.0-21.4
> blacs-mpi/1.1-28
> blacs-pvm/1.1-19
> fasianoptions/260.72-4
> lapack/3.1.1-0.4
> mn-fit/5.13-6
> octave2.1/1:2.1.73-19
> octave3.0/1:3.0.1-2
> python-scipy/0.6.0-11
> saods9/4.0b7-2
> scalapack/1.8.0-2
> wsjt/5.9.7.r383-1.2

All scheduled

> The following packages in "contrib" and "non-free" also appear to be
> affected, but I don't know whether packages in those sections can be
> automatically bin-NMUed.  Therefore I also CC their maintainers.  Please
> keep them in CC regarding this question.
> # In non-free on both mips and mipsel:
> pgplot5/5.2.2-14
> raster3d/2.7s-1




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