[Debian-med-packaging] Bug#446047: [kalign] Patch available

David Paleino d.paleino at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 09:16:57 UTC 2009

Package: kalign
Version: 2.04-1
Tags: patch

Hello Charles, (hello other Debian-Med people)
being bash-completion's upstream, I felt obliged to fix this bug NOW ;)

I'm attaching a completion I wrote using kalign --help (and man kalign, but the
information there was the same of --help). There's only one missing thing
(from --help):

-g,	-feature          Selects feature mode and specifies which features
                          are to be used: e.g. all, maxplp, STRUCT, PFAM-A....

Is that list of features comprehensive? I suppose no (the "..."), but I've only
included those in the completion. Charles, could you provide me with a
comprehensive list? Also, is that list kalign-specific, or is also used by
other alignment software? If it's common, I could make a bash-completion helper
function, like _alignment_features, which would provide the same list all over
the completions calling it (i.e. kalign and other alignment software).

Charles, since I believe you're a heavy user of such a software, would you
kindly test the completion? :) -- I did a quick test, and everything seems
working fine. The default behaviour is to complete on filenames, and show
options only when there is "-<TAB>" (notice the first dash). This can be
changed, just tell me what you prefer! ;)

To test it: put it in your /etc/bash_completion.d/ [0], and open a new shell
(err, make sure you're sourcing /etc/bash_completion from your ~/.bashrc, or
the like) :)

To use it in the package: dh_bash-completion(1) is your friend. ;)

[0] for bash-completion 2.0 (which is still far, yesterday I released 1.0), we
are planning major architectural changes, like per-user completions, a new
directory layout and faster loading. So that would need to be changed when the
new package gets in (still months from now).


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