[Debian-med-packaging] ACKNOWLEDGE

EBELE BANGURA ebelebangura01 at live.com
Wed Apr 15 14:35:54 UTC 2009

Hello Dear,

Is my pleasure to writing you this letter, hope you are fine? I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself well to you; I am Ebele Bangura, the son of Late H.R. Bangura of Sierra Leone.

I write you in respect of our consignment fund that was moved into the USA two weeks ago by the security company. This funds was deposited in two trunk box and is presently in USA under a diplomatic care.

I want you to assist me and my mother to stand as our foreign beneficiary to receive the fund over there in USA. The amount in this consignment is $16 million U.S.Dollars which my late father deposited under SECURITY COMPANY for my mother and myself. This consignment has been in USA for a month now and it was moved  to our former beneficiary Mr. James K. Lamp Jr., who was suppose to receive this consignment in USA on our behalf, but on arrival of the consignment in USA, our beneficiary was demanding for 60% which was not our earlier agreement so for that reason my mother and i did not agree to continue and the delivery has to be stopped as we can no longer trust a man like that. Now we need someone that will assist us to receive these consignment as beneficiary in USA as the security company has agreed to deliver to anywhere our new beneficiary may want it. We have all necessary documents are in our possession which i will send to you the moment i hear from you.

We are prepared to give you 30% of the money for your assistance as that was our initial agreement with with James K. Lamp Jr., before his change of mind due to greed.

Waiting you for your anticipated co-operation, in your reply include your telephone number, your passport and we shall respond back to you details.

Best Regards,

Ebele Bangura

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