[Debian-med-packaging] Can I Give You This Trust? Please Responed Immediately.

Sam Songoba songobasam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 11:15:43 UTC 2009

You are invited to "Can I Give You This Trust? Please Responed Immediately.".

By your host Sam Songoba:

     Date:		Saturday April 25, 2009

     Time:		10:00 am - 11:00 am (GMT +00:00)
     Street:		I am Sam Sogoba,am one of the directors in ADB bank Burkina Faso .indicate your interest to receive the transfer of us$15 million.60% for me and 40% for you.You will stand as the next of kin to my late customer r Thomas Yuzuru who died on a plane crash living no body behind, contact me(00226-78 04 84 92) and send all your personal information like your full name,country,tellphone number,age,occupation to this my private e-maill address (sam_sogobaa at sify.com) for full trust.


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     http://calendar.yahoo.com/?v=60&ST=20090425T100000%2B0000&TITLE=Can+I+Give+You+This+Trust%3f+Please+Responed+Immediately.&DUR=0100&VIEW=d&in_st=I+am+Sam+Sogoba,am+one+of+the+directors+in+ADB+bank+Burkina+Faso+.indicate+your+interest+to+receive+the+transfer+of+us$15+million.60%25+for+me+and+40%25+for+you.You+will+stand+as+the+next+of+kin+to+my+late+customer+r+Thomas+Yuzuru+who+died+on+a+plane+crash+living+no+body+behind,+contact+me(00226-78+04+84+92)+and+send+all+your+personal+information+like+your+full+name,country,tellphone+number,age,occupation+to+this+my+private+e-maill+address+(sam_sogobaa at sify.com)+for+full+trust.&TYPE=10

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