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EMBOSS conversions of the programs in the phylip package
 This package is the adaptation of the PHYLIP package in which its
 programs can operate with the biological sequence formats and databases
 of the European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite (EMBOSS). The
 software packages adapted for EMBOSS are called EMBASSY.
 PHYLIP (the PHYLogeny Inference Package) is a package of programs for
 inferring phylogenies (evolutionary trees). Methods that are available
 in the package include parsimony, distance matrix, and likelihood
 methods, including bootstrapping and consensus trees. Data types that
 can be handled include molecular sequences, gene frequencies,
 restriction sites and fragments, distance matrices, and discrete
 The EMBASSY PHYLIP programs all have the prefix "f" to distinguish them
 from the original programs and avoid namespace conflict.
(new) embassy-phylip_3.68.orig.tar.gz optional non-free/science
Changes: embassy-phylip (3.68-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #493977)

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