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Toolkit for image-guided surgery applications - documentation
 The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGstk: pronounced IGStick) is a
 high-level component-based framework providing common functionality
 for image-guided surgery applications.
 This software framework consists of a set of high-level components
 integrated with other low-level open source software libraries and
 application programming interfaces (API) from hardware vendors.
 The cornerstone of IGstk is robustness. IGstk provides the following
 high-level functionality:
 Ability to read and display medical images including CT and MRI in
 DICOM format.
 An interface to common tracking hardware (e.g. AURORA from
 Northern Digital Inc.). A graphical user interface and visualization
 capability including a four-quadrant view (axial, sagittal, coronal,
 and 3D) as well as a multi-slice axial view (from 1 by 1 to many by
 many such as 10 by 10).
 Registration: point based registration and a means for selecting
 these points. Robust common internal software services for logging,
 exception-handling and problem resolution.
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Changes: igstk (3.0.0~cvs20081223-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * debian/rules: removed duplicate configuration
  * debian/rules: fixed installation of Examples
  * debian/control: added new package : igstk-doc
  * debian/igstk-doc.doc-base: added

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