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(new) jemboss_6.0.1-3_all.deb optional science
graphical user interface to EMBOSS
 Jemboss is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to EMBOSS, the European Molecular
 Biology Open Software Suite. It is part of the EMBOSS distribution.
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Changes: emboss (6.0.1-3) experimental; urgency=low
  * New upstream patch (patch-1-3).
    - fixes segmentation fault in vectorscript when -auto is used with empty
    - adds '.' trailer to the OS line in SwissProt output.
  * debian/rules: corrected the section of the manual pages of the renamed
    programs from 1 to 1e (Closes: #503733).
  * Preliminary support for jEMBOSS:
    - Build-Depend on openjdk-6-jdk (debian/control).
    - New package "jemboss", depending on openjdk-6-jre (debian/control).
    - The jemboss package contains everything installed by the command
      `make -C jemboss install' (debian/rules).

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emboss-data_6.0.1-3_all.deb - optional science
emboss-doc_6.0.1-3_all.deb - optional doc
emboss-lib_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional libs
emboss-test_6.0.1-3_all.deb - optional misc
emboss_6.0.1-3.dsc - source science
emboss_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional science
libajax6-dev_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional libdevel
libajax6_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional libs
libnucleus6-dev_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional libdevel
libnucleus6_6.0.1-3_amd64.deb - optional libs

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