[Debian-med-packaging] Urgent Information from Google ***Congratulations!!***

Googlelotto at winners.com Googlelotto at winners.com
Mon Jul 20 13:19:06 UTC 2009

You have been picked as one of our lucky winners of £850,000 British Pounds in the on-going Google promotion. 
For more info/ how to claim your winnings,contact the processing agent (Mr. Grahams Benfield) with the email addresses below with your Ticket #:00869575733664,CGPN:7-22-71-00-66-12,Serial #:BTD/8070447706/06 & Lucky #:12-12-23-35-40-41(12). Email:01grahamsbenfield at gmail.com,grahamsbenfield at thedotmail.com.Wishing you good luck!!

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