[Debian-med-packaging] Comments regarding biojava-live_1.6.1.svn.20090306-1_i386.changes

Frank Lichtenheld ftpmaster at debian.org
Sun Mar 22 22:30:05 UTC 2009


Please note that between all the LGPL licensed files there has crept
one with a GPL header: ./tests/org/biojava/utils/process/AllTests.java
Since this is like 10 lines of pretty trivial code I decided not to reject
the package just for that. But in the interest of full license documentation
this should be either documented in debian/copyright or someway dealt with
by upstream.

Also since the LICENSE file doesn't specify a LGPL version but includes v2.1
I would think that a reference to the LGPL-2.1 file would the safer choice
instead of referencing the unversioned file.


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