[Debian-med-packaging] Bug#520747: BioCocoa.app and SequenceConverter.app (Was: Bug#520747: Watch file)

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Mon Mar 23 07:17:50 UTC 2009

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, Daniel Leidert wrote:

> Please find attached a watch file for biococoa.app. There are two
> possible solutions to catch the version. The first one catches all
> releases based on the web-SVN service at bioinformatics.org (and also
> allows to download a tarball). The second one at least works for the new
> releases 2.x.

Many thanks for the patch - it's applied in SVN.  You seem to prefer the
SVN version in this file.  Any reason that you regard it higher than the
download version - any reasons for this?

In general I wonder what the current status of Biococoa.app might be.
Scott Christley has split up a separate application sequenceconverter.app
but neither a new biococoa.app nor sequenceconverter.app was finally uploaded.
Scott could you please elaborate on your plans for an upload?  Any blockers
we should know about?  I just polished the biococoa.app control file a bit
in SVN and wonder whether you regard it fit for upload and whether somebody
with GNUstep knowledge might be able to test whether eveything works like

Kind regards



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