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Tue Mar 31 09:48:00 UTC 2009

(new) sequenceconverter.app_1.6.0-9.diff.gz optional science
(new) sequenceconverter.app_1.6.0-9.dsc optional science
(new) sequenceconverter.app_1.6.0-9_i386.deb optional science
biological sequence file format conversion applet for GNUstep
 Demo application to demonstrate the possibilities of the BioCocoa framework.
 SequenceConverter is a GNUstep applet to convert between sequence file formats.
 The BioCocoa framework provides developers with the opportunity to add
 support for reading and writing BEAST, Clustal, EMBL, Fasta, GCG-MSF, GDE,
 Hennig86, NCBI, NEXUS, NONA, PDB, Phylip, PIR, Plain/Raw, Swiss-Prot and
 TNT files by writing only three lines of code. The framework is written in
 Cocoa (Objective-C).
 Version 1.6 is the last upstream version that works with GNUstep.  If
 newer versions are needed to work under Linux try to convince upstream to
 support GNUstep.
(new) sequenceconverter.app_1.6.0.orig.tar.gz optional science
Changes: sequenceconverter.app (1.6.0-9) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Scott Christley ]
  * Update to use the SequenceConverter upstream source release.
  * Fixed packaging errors for new name.
  [ Charles Plessy ]
  * Source and binary packages renamed sequenceconverter.app to avoid
    confusions with the `biococoa' package containing the BioCocoa libraries.
  [ Andreas Tille ]
  * Standards-Version: 3.8.1 (no changes needed)
  [ Yavor Doganov ]
  * debian/control (Build-Depends): Drop gnustep-make and
    gnustep-back0.14.  Add imagemagick for the icon conversion.
    (Depends): Add ${gnustep:Depends}.
  * debian/rules: Use automatic variables where possible.
    (GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES): Don't define; not needed.
    (d_app): Define for convenience.
    (LDFLAGS): Use --as-needed to strip unnecessary dependencies.
    (OPTFLAG): Define conditionally based on the presence of `noopt' in
    (build-stamp): Pass messages=yes, OPTFLAG and LDFLAGS to gs_make.
    Convert the icon in XPM format.
    (clean): Do not call the clean target, distclean is sufficient.
    Delete the generated icon.
    (install): Use $(d_app).  Install the XPM icon.
    (binary-arch): Invoke gsdh_gnustep.  Don't install the lintian
    override.  Conditionally move arch-indpendent Resources to /usr/share.
  * debian/dirs:
  * debian/lintian-override: Delete.
  * debian/menu: Wrap fields for readability.  Add icon and longtitle.

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