[Debian-med-packaging] RC buggy packages hit by Freeze

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Mon Aug 9 16:05:57 UTC 2010


it's a pity that we did not managed to get acedb into testing in time.
The lesson we should learn for the future is that we should at least
drop some comments to the bug logs what might be a show stopper, we
are working on the problem, problem forewarded to upstream or we need
help - whatever.  This enables potential bug fixers to help fixing it.

I fixed #589065 in SVN (please everybody use pbuilder at least only
once!) and regarding #591506 I would prefer the second option mentioned
in the bug log to repackage the source tarball while at the same time
forewarding the problem to upstream.

We have a good chance to fix the bugs in the embassy-dom* packages, but
we should tackle this problem soon to keep release managers relaxed.
One of them is just fixed (see my last mail) and my guess is that we
could adapt the changes to the other packages as well in case upstream
would not yet have a fix.

Kind regards



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