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Kybird, staring at him in some surprise, even thought that he detected a
faint shade of pink. "We ain't all as clever as wot you are, Nat," he
said, somewhat taken aback at this phenomenon. "It wouldn't do." Mr.
Smith made a strange noise in his throat and turned on him sharply. Mr.
Kybird, still staring in surprise at his unwonted behaviour, drew back a
little, and then his lips parted and his eyes grew round as he saw the
cause of his friend's concern. An elderly gentleman with a neatly
trimmed white beard and a yellow rose in his button-hole was just
passing on the other side of the road. His tread was elastic, his figure
as upright as a boy's, and he swung a light cane in his hand as he
walked. As Mr. Kybird gazed he bestowed a brisk nod upon the bewildered
Mr. Smith, and crossed the road with the evident intention of speaking
to him. "How do, Smith?" he said, in a kindly voice. The boarding-master
leaned against the shop-window and regarded him dumbly. There was a
twinkle in the shipbroker's eyes which irritated him almost beyond
endurance, and in the doorway Mr. Kybird--his face mottled with the
intensity of his emotions--stood an unwelcome and frantic witness of his
shame. "You're not well, Smith?" said Mr. Swann, shaking his head at him
gently. "You look like a man who has been doing too much brain-work
lately. You've been getting the better of some-body, I know." Mr. Smith
gasped and, eyeing him wickedly, strove hard to recover his
self-possession. "I'm all right, sir," he said, in a thin voice. "I'm
glad to see you're looking a trifle better, sir." "Oh, I'm quite right,
now," said th
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