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Nations Compensation Commission United info at uncc.com
Fri Jan 22 03:11:25 UTC 2010

Nations Compensation Commission United
1 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: +1 (253) 239-5509

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that I am a delegate from the United Nations
Compensation Commission (UNCC) and to notify you finally about your
outstanding Compensation payment of $2,759,389 USD.


Your claim were resolved by panels, each of which was made up of three
Commissioners who were independent experts in different fields including
law, accountancy, loss adjustment, insurance and engineering. Technical
experts and consultants in their verification and valuation of the claims
assisted the panels. The panels submitted their recommendations on your
claim to the Governing Council for approval.

Your claim has been officially approved by the Governing Council and you
are to contact the Special Coordinator of the Secretary-General for Middle
East, for your claim application and payment directives. Michael C.
WilliamsSpecial Coordinator of the Secretary-General for Middle East
(United Kingdom)Tel: +448712370884

E-mail: michael.williams at msn.com

Thanks and regards,

Sausan Ghosheh

Chief External Communications Unit

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