[Debian-med-packaging] [SCM] lipsia branch, debian, created. ea382556eddeca7081b50344c2bc4b09133858f2

Michael Hanke michael.hanke at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 14:51:43 UTC 2010

The branch, debian has been created
        at  ea382556eddeca7081b50344c2bc4b09133858f2 (commit)

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
commit ea382556eddeca7081b50344c2bc4b09133858f2
Author: Michael Hanke <michael.hanke at gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Mar 29 10:48:52 2010 -0400

    New VCS info: debian-med.

commit 30dd63f3db327a6e109d5241d7f3d04edcc2ed76
Author: Michael Hanke <michael.hanke at gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Jan 17 15:18:03 2010 -0500

    Update changelog and copyright.

commit c265908dacf2cccc8d0e0860a982a0ffe3e5a8f7
Author: Martin Eberhard Schauer <Martin.E.Schauer at gmx.de>
Date:   Sun Jan 17 15:16:18 2010 -0500

    Fix typos in package description.


Leipzig Image Processing and Statistical Inference Algorithms (LIPSIA)

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