[Debian-med-packaging] Bug#580807: Acknowledgement (libinsighttoolkit3-java: the java bindings as built by Debian don't work)

Michal Suchanek michal.suchanek at ruk.cuni.cz
Tue May 18 12:09:58 UTC 2010


FWIW I tried building the package with pbuilder. When built in Lenny
environment the java bindings work, when built in Squeeze/Sid
environment the packages are broken.

It is necessary to enable the Squeeze/Sid repositories to build on Lenny
but since the default package manager on Lenny is capable of installing
packages from non-default sources to fulfill dependencies this is not a
problem. On Squeeze the package manager is more limited.

Note that I do build with openjdk on my own install and these packages
also work so it is not the Java version, it must be the version of some
other library.

The build logs are rather large but I can send them if you are


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