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(new) clustalw_2.1+lgpl-1.debian.tar.gz optional science
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WARNING: Already present in non-free distribution.
global multiple nucleotide or peptide sequence alignment
 This program performs an alignment of multiple nucleotide or amino acid
 sequences. It recognizes the format of input sequences and whether the
 sequences are nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) or amino acid (proteins). The output
 format may be selected from in various formats for multiple alignments such as
 Phylip or FASTA. Clustal W is very well accepted.
 The output of Clustal W can be edited manually but preferably with an
 alignment editor like SeaView or within its companion Clustal X. When building
 a model from your alignment, this can be applied for improved database
 searches. The Debian package hmmer creates such in form of an HMM.
(new) clustalw_2.1+lgpl.orig.tar.gz optional science
Changes: clustalw (2.1+lgpl-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream archive, that makes clear the relicensing to LGPL-3+.
    - Mangled debian version name in debian/watch.
    - Explained why ‘+lgpl’ in debian/README.Debian.
    - Removed XS-Autobuild field from debian/control.
    - Changed archive area in debian/control.
    - Updated license in debian/copyright and debian/clustalw.1*
    - Removed obsoleted lintian override (debian/clustalw.lintian-overrides).
    - Removed Commercial field in debian/upstream-metadata.yaml.
  * Removed un-needed documentation (debian/clustalw.docs).
  * Source package hosted in a Git repository (debian/control).
  * Use debhelper 8 (debian/control, debian/compat).

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