[Debian-med-packaging] Download area at kitware site?

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Fri Sep 14 19:26:09 UTC 2012

Hi Luis,

I'm working down several Debian Med watch files to test the new uscan
feature I requested (and implemented) to uscan (see #685787).  When
doing so I noticed that some software we are packaging from kitware.com
is not served very nicely for our purpose.  My last take was vtkedge
which seems to be in svn only but no downloadable tarball.  It would be
reall cool if there would be a canonical download location at
kitware.com where you can easily find all those great Free Software
tools provided by this OS-friendly company.  The best service you could
do to Debian packagers would be if every software would be available on
a http browseable page with the naming scheme


Thanks for considering to help and for providing this very useful set
of Free Software



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